Send Time Optimization infomercial, Paul's attempt.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Infomercials have always intrigued me, they are played on late night television and networks with poor viewership. They have either a celebrity host OR a seasoned sales person that is bigger than life. What baffles me the most is, that people watch in AND buy the next, best, greatest thing that will forever change their life.

 They keep playing these thirty minute commercials because obviously they work and as a viewer, you walk away excited about the benefits to your life. You are going to save SOOOOOO MUCH MONEY ON HAIR CUTS.  Your carpets will be cleaner. Your skin will look younger and you will be warmer while being able to still reach the remote control.

Will Send Time Optimzation change your life? probably not.

You will reap the benefits of:
  • Higher KPIs ( open and click-through rates )
  • Risk aversion by deploying content over time
  • Better inbox placement
  • Higher deliverability of your content
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