Email deliverability protection, how safe are you?

Monday, April 21, 2014
Use AudiencePoint to protect your deployments from deliverability nightmares.  A slower drip to the ISP both allows you time to correct deliverability issues AND creates an ISP friendly environment which will get more message through the ISP, even when you are black list.

Do you need Send Time Optimization? Take the assessment.

Just for fun complete this risk assessment on whether or not you need AudiencePoint Send Time Optimization to protect your deployments.

  1. Do you send email? ( Y/N )?
  2. Do you want people to receive the email that you send? ( Y/N )
  3. Would someone lose their job if your messages don't go out. ( Y/N )
  4. Would the person losing their job be you? ( Y/N )
  5. If you don't lose your job, are you prepared to defend why you didn't select AudiencePoint to increase Open and Click-through rates, protecting against deliverability issues? ( Y/N )
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then you need to be using Send Time Optimization from AudiencePoint. Click the informative tapestry below to learn more.

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