Send time optimize your typos

Monday, March 31, 2014
Send time optimization reduces the risk of the impact of a typo. Because we time the delivery of a campaign, there is a natural gating that takes place, reducing the risk around a large deployment.

Lets face it, typos are a part of life, most of the time they are embarrassing, sometimes they are damaging and occasionally they change the course of human history, the spinach industry certainly benefited from the misplacement of a decimal point.

Typos will happen. Are you ready for it? The following graph is an actual campaign that had not just one, but two typos corrected.

The campaign was corrected, respread an continued.


LINK: And the original tapestry

 Original tapestry

Rx: Email self-help

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Feeling kind of down? The next marketing email that you get, click preferences at the bottom and change your name to “Beautiful Steed.” Or, maybe you are feeling politically active today and go with “Absentee Voter.” Maybe you just need a reminder to do something, so go with “Call your mother, she loves you.”

The name doesn’t matter. Have a little fun today, take the 5 minute Pomodoro break and set something up that will make you laugh the next time that you get emailed about buying new deck chairs.
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