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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last night on the show “New Girl” they introduced a new character, the character was funny and had a couple of good one-liners. His delivery was on target for his character—sort of an enterprising, older character better at playing the game of office politics than at innovative ideas.

Ed is the name of this character, and he presents the idea that he stole from another central character Schmidt, which captures the business value of AudiencePoint. I thought I would reference it in a post. Granted, there are a lot of fluffy buzz words that don’t mean much, so the value of this dialog is probably the universal appeal; but, that being said here it is:

ED: Micro-marketing, has this company ever considered targeting its message to individual consumers? Big data is knocking. Lets open the door. Just a thought.

KIM: Ed, look into that and present it to the board. I would hug you but you smell like a public library.

AudiencePoint provides  “Micro-marketing” automation tools. We work mostly in the email marketing space and help clients to better target their customers when the customers are most likely online, using big-data to identify trends in user behavior.  This prediction model in micro-marketing leads to increased interaction, activity and revenue.

Great Job Ed! And thanks for the shout out!

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