The age of personalization

Friday, October 25, 2013
Saw this new tool called tapestry, think it is pretty cool, just tap below to begin.

The content was derived from @rjtalyor at an #etdigitalmornings event in Seattle.

Adblocking, biting the hand that feeds you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

“To solve what is apparently a huge problem—people getting paid for producing content that others enjoy for free—Chad Russell and Charles Butkus have invented a device called "AdTrap." It's a white box that hooks up between your modem and wireless router and blocks data from ad networks before it can even reach your computer.”


This referenced story is about a device that will block advertisers content from websites and videos at a systems level, so you the consumer don’t have to deal with “ads”. This story was published by DailyDot, a site that is supported by website advertisements.

The story came across my browser window in an ad-driven manner such that I was asked to “Like” the DailDot on Facebook, so that I could continue to receive good curated content, like the story about a device that would remove revenue from the site that delivered the story.  The adtrap [] advertisement blocker was being promoted by the DailyDot, which is supported by online advertisements and ultimately providing free online advertising for the adtrap advertisement blocker. The channel will go away if you remove online advertising, or you, the consumer will have to pay for the curated content. 


This Internet device is built on the premise of biting the hand that fed you.  So @audiencepoint is offering a solid “shout-out” to the good folks at the @DailyDot for publishing a story that undermines their core business model.

What is the AudiencePoint interest in this?  Email marketing will continue to drip into your inbox regardless of this kind of device and is far and away the highest ROI for a marketing channel.   Quality of message, innovation and deliverable channels are the foundation of a good marketing effort.  So consider this a subtle endorsement for Sendtime Optimization

·      Good content
·      Solid subject lines
·      Clean, opt-in recipient lists
·      A/B Testing content
·      Personalization
·      Sendtime Optimization, The timing of your message
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