Why I love Send Time Optimization

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Why do I Love Send Time Optimization?

I hate opening my newly tabbed Gmail inbox to discover that, in an effort to make me aware of their flash, must buy now or wallow in darkness sale, COMPANY ABC has emailed me multiple times in a very short amount of time because I am not trusted enough to open the first message, the second message or the third message, or at least so it feels.

This concept is called cadence and to be specific cadence is defined by what time pattern is used for how often you send your subscribers content.

Cadence matters. Sometime cadence is organic and follows the natural ebbing and flowing of customer demand, but more often it follows someone higher up the food-chain who believes "if we send more emails, we will make more money" and the unfortunate truth is that you will make more money the first time, and you might the second time, but Lassie can only come running barking that "Timmy is trapped in the well" before we stop believing that crazy border collie. We grow tired of the same old antics. That concept is called email fatigue and that is the challenge. The subscriber stops caring, stops reading and stops engaging effectively taking them out of play.

The key is to find a cadence that works for your subscriber list. There is a lot of research that has been done regarding the optimal cadence for a email subscriber list and that research can be easily found on the internet.

AudiencePoint offers a solution, to help with the problem of email fatigue.Instead of flooding the user with more and more emails, AudiencePoint delights them with the content that they wanted to read when they subscribed to your list. And now they are 30% more likely to engage with content and 30% more likely to convert. So more time can be spent on quality of content and less can be spent on quantity of content. Everyone's happy!


You have delighted subscribers excited to pay you for your magic, change your life widget AND a 30% increased likelihood of conversion.


You have a frustrated subscriber hovering over the "Unsubscribe" button because although they like your product, they feel like your tactics are forced and insensitive.

So when company ABC emails me four times in a period of two days to make me aware of my "Use it or lose it promotion",  rebellion kicks in. Rebelliously, I start day-dreaming about which tattoo I might get on my face, which motorcycle I will ride to the tattoo parlor, and how I am going to fit a full size orangutan on the back of the motorcycle. THIS IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE.  Please for the sake of my face optimize your deliveries to when your subscribers will want to receive the message.
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